Before starting with wood, the best way to do it is to analyse how it is constructed.

Step 1: Take the Wood

Elder is a magic tree used because of is empty heart. A simple old big branch can be used.

Step 2: Work the Wood

The wood is hewn to get wand shaped to 6 balls.

Step 3: Work on the The Surface

Make the shape soft and more fine.

Step 4: Texture the Surface of the Wand

Use Dremel for texturing the surface.

Step 5: Finally Put the Death Symbols

Symbols have to be write on paper and stick on the wand.

Step 6: Finally the Wand Is Magic

This magic wand is the most powerful. So be careful with it !

<p>This is pretty cool. I've always wanted to make an Elder wand. Thank you for sharing how you make yours! :)</p>

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