you can make your own brake light by acrylic sheet

Step 1: Things U Need

things you need are
1)An aqralic sheet
2)Rottery tool
3)if ne curve so heat gun
5)pen or marker

Step 2: Takeoff the Brakelight Cover

you sholuld have to take out the brakelight cover

Step 3: Make Margien N Cut Aqralic

frist u have to make the line with the dimentions which u want
secondely you cutt the aqralic

Step 4: Using Steel Rod

use steel rod for making the efact in the light make a point on the steel rod for gving efact
REMEMBER you have to give efact on the inner part or aqralic

Step 5: Your Light Is Ready

after giving effact it is raedy
stic the pice on the light by super glue

Step 6: See Older N Nue One

see older n nue one
While you at it, you should change those incandescent light bulbs with LEDs you should get a little more gas millage!
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I too would like to see how this fits into the robot contest. Although I love it, it's just not a robot.
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Huh? I did not really understand the English in this instructable, or the point of this instructable.
This looks like a backup light and not a brake light? Its really hard to understand the text for this instructable.

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