This instructable will teach you how to apply cool images of your choice to your electrical switchplates.

My wife and I like to have cool switch plates in our house. And usually we buy them from stores, or ebay. Recently we saw one that we really liked for our hallway project, but it cost $34.99!!! At that point I figured I was going to take matters in my own hands and make my own. Since then, I have made several of these for our own home and for gifts. What I have done is essentially backward engineer how to decorate these plates; they are very nice but perhaps not as polished as the truly professional ones. But this is an easy project that you can complete in just 3 or 4 hours, must of which is time waiting for the glue to dry.

Things you need to make this instructable:

1) An image, you can use an existing image on paper or you can print it yourself
2) A switch plate, new or used, metal or plastic, doesn't matter
3) A pair of scissors to cut the paper
4) A bottle of Mod-Podge, $7 at any craft store or ebay, you will need less than an ounce
5) A brush, sponge-type or regular bristle
6) Utility knife

Step 1: Step1

Start with a brand new or used switch plate; keep the screws handy, you may want to paint them to match.

Obtain a piece of suitable artwork that you might like. If you find it online, tweak it in an imaging program like Photoshop, or MS Paint until you get a size that works with your plate.
Plain copy paper works great for this project, but thin glossy paper is fine too. Thicker paper may work but you may need to soak it in water until it relaxes. If you print your image, a LASER printer is ideal, an inkjet printer will work, but the quality may be inferior (especially when it comes to the long term). I will show you examples of plates done with both. I would let images that you print yourself at least a few hours to dry before you proceed with the project.

This is the one I made last night.
Well, nice work... But I'm going to have to report you to Red Sox Nation! God have mercy! ;)<br>
i like it! going to make mine look like a lever from minecraft!
Just found this ible but it's cool! I think the modpodge would adhere a little better to a wood plate. <br>
On the Mod Podge packaging, it says a second coat can be applied after 20 minutes. Is this okay, or should I wait 2 hours?
You may be able to get way with doing it in half an hour or so. But in my experience it came out smoother when the first coat was really dry. I was doing this in a room at around 68-69 degrees, if your place is warmer, that may speed up the drying process. Good luck!
Thanks. I waited to be safe. It came out great. I have an ink jet printer, and I can see what you mean about the reduced quality. Regardless, it still looks great and wasn't too hard to pull off. Great ible.
oh my god, this is the perfect thing to put in my death fortress(shakes fist in fury) with my starwars bedspread and collectables, next to my giant chewy. now all i need is to lose my virginity and move out of my moms basment, QQ
Depending on the order in which you achieve your goals, you may either- A. Lose &quot;it&quot; and find yourself with no place to live.<br>Or- B. Find a place to live and then find it much easier to attract a mate.<br>Worse case- It is barely possible to get married before you move out (even if you live at grandmas' house), but it's very difficult.<br><br>Just a thought....
hey, at least you don't have to pay rent while living at home :)<br />
Whoa! Baby steps brother, baby steps!
<br /> Yeah I just hand made a switch cover that was really easy! I bought some stuff from Michaels and just painted on designs. Lots of fun and cheaper than trying to order some... I found some on <a href="http://decorativeswitchplate.org/" rel="nofollow">Decorative Switch Plates</a> .com But they were to expensive for me.&nbsp;
I've seen this done on toilet seats too! lol
this was funny i did the troper thing in 10 min then i made alot of them took me about 3 hous but it was worth it then i glued them to my dads 2009 naked girls calender and my dad was like wtf and my mom said why did u put those things on one heads of the naked girls and my mom gaved the calender to me and she put it in my room i was like wow aka im 15 i already got laid and my mom said she dosnt care i can get laid when i want to and she bought me condoms that was funny
Neat. I'm not sure I would make a Star Wars Storm Trooper switch plate, but I have a couple of old calendars from 2008 and earlier with big color pictures.
great idea!.....for a more professional look you might check out possibly using inkjet printable vinyl sticker sheets (like these <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.planetlabel.com/product/white-inkjet-water-resistant-vinyl-8-1-2-x-11-rectangle).....you&apos;re">http://www.planetlabel.com/product/white-inkjet-water-resistant-vinyl-8-1-2-x-11-rectangle).....you're</a> basically printing a waterproof sticker at home....this would give you a cleaner look and more durable surface than the mod podged paper<br/>
That's a good idea! That would also work with some other project ideas! Thanks!
Have you tried using a clear coat of some sort to get your glossy look? I like it. Great image choice, too. My little brother is a huge Star Wars fan, this would be a great afternoon project for us to do.
Hi, I have some materials in mind, but I'm waiting for the warm weather to play with them. I really don't want to spray lacquer and other stinky finishes in my enclosed basement. A good thing about Mod Podge is that it's pretty harmless and it doesn't have any strong smells. Glad you liked it!
That tub of Mod Podge looks like PVA - is it? L
. IIRC, the main ingredient in ModPodge, Elmer's Glue-All, &amp;c is polyvinyl acetate (PVAC). PVA is usually used as the abbrev for polyvinyl alcohol. <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.elmers.com/msds/me375_c.htm">Yep</a><br/>
Thanks of the cool mod.
Excellent! I would do this... but my lightswitch is in a place where no one ever sees it... Amazing job documenting it!
thats really cool i think im gonna try that when i get back from school today

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