Step 4: Step Four: Your Lye is Done

 That's it!  Once the water drains through the ashes filling the bottom bucket with LYE water, To increase the acidity of the lye, take the water and pour it through the bucket again and again.
   You can test the acidity with a PH meter make sure it goes from 1.0 - 14.0  14 is the PH level for making soap.
   Old ways of telling if you lye was ready for soap making was it could dissolve a chicken feather, or if a egg is placed in water it would float above the water like a bobber.
    Or you could boil it, DO THIS OUT DOORS!

Irwan24 years ago
Thank you for your instructables. Helps me a lot since I can't easily find lye in my country here. Thanks again.
redcore45 years ago
lye is alkaline; you can't increase its acidity by making it stronger. as it is an alkali, pouring the water through the bucket will increase its alkalinity (or its strength if you'd prefer to think of it that way) not its acidity (acidity actually decreases as you make it stronger). other than this, great work!