We recently visited the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, and our daughter spied an animatronic screaming mandrake plant in one of the store windows. She stood and stared for quite awhile with a big grin on her face. So i decided it would be fun to try to make one for her this Christmas on a smaller sized budget. (Due to ticket prices to visit the park) If you have any Harry Potter fans in the family this is a fun, personalized gift idea.



Here are the things you will need:

~1 sound module (find them at radio shack or online @ AMAZPLUS.COM)
~1 pair of  tan/beige boot socks
~3 strips of scrap poly foam (6" by 1")
~1 panel of green felt
~poly fill stuffing (melon sized amount)
~role of organic looking twine or hemp (for roots)
~brown pleather/ or felt (14" square or big enough to cover top of your planter)
~role of floral wire
~2 amber colored beads (eyes)
~Planter pot of your choice (mine is plastic, 8" square at the top and is 6" deep)
~(optional) Decorative moss NOTE: if the recipient is a child who will want to play with it a lot I would not add the moss. If it will be primarily ornamental then the moss adds some whimsical appeal. 

Hot glue 
Wire cutters
Sewing Machine with notions (or needle and thread if your doing it all by hand)
<p>It's taken a while to do but here is one finished mandrake, minus the screaming element. It will look great at our harry potter themed event at the weekend for Stafford Division Guides Big Brownie Birthday Celebrations</p>
<p>adorable go HP fan !</p>
aww.. so cute this is ready for: BTW i think chuck norris likes Harry Potter and your style =D
This is ADORABLE! I love it well done!
Thanks for the awesome comments. Our little girl has had a great time recording different &quot;screams&quot; for her mandrake and playing the sound back.
This is awesome and totally adorable.
Great job!
This is so adorable and incredibly creative! Awesome!
This is amazing. I love the little face!
Very Nice!

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