Step 6: "Lets Put a Smile on That Face"

Whip out your needle and thread so we can give our little friend some character. Keep in mind that you can really personalize it and make any sort of face you wish. If you want to just replicate what I've done it's very simple.

You'll probably want to hand sew his opening closed so that his guts aren't falling out while you work. 

Then you can begin his face.To do his pouting lip I secured one end of my thread and then gather stitched a large arch shape, then pulled it tight and secured it at the opposite end. 

For the eyes you'll need your 2 amber colored beads. Spacing the eyes further apart then you would like, secure your thread end and add 1 bead onto it. Dive your needle under the stuffing and across coming up at the location of your second eye. Now thread your second bead on. Pinch the bridge of the nose and pull the eyes together tightly. Pass the needle back and forth several times in this fashion and then secure your end. 

For his cute little buttocks, secure the end of your thread at the bottom center of the heel. Bring the needle and thread to the top center of the heel. Dive your needle under the stuffing to your secured end. Pull it tightly and repeat this about 3 times then secure your end.
<p>It's taken a while to do but here is one finished mandrake, minus the screaming element. It will look great at our harry potter themed event at the weekend for Stafford Division Guides Big Brownie Birthday Celebrations</p>
<p>adorable go HP fan !</p>
aww.. so cute this is ready for: BTW i think chuck norris likes Harry Potter and your style =D
This is ADORABLE! I love it well done!
Thanks for the awesome comments. Our little girl has had a great time recording different &quot;screams&quot; for her mandrake and playing the sound back.
This is awesome and totally adorable.
Great job!
This is so adorable and incredibly creative! Awesome!
This is amazing. I love the little face!
Very Nice!

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