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Ok so it isn't true seaglass but it is a decent approximation and one of the few ways you could get enough to really fill your garden.  All it takes is an old cement mixer, a huge source of scrap glass and understanding neighbors.

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    This is just what I was looking for. thank you.

    Gotta try this with the mixer we got from Freecycle!


    Cool idea! Would be interesting to try porcelain plates or terra cottage pots to create a landscaping mulch. Thanks for sharing!

    Awesome way to recycle used food jars into something beautiful. Not so awesome: Tossing a 60 year old Fenton hobnail milkglass bowl valued at approximately $75, into a cement mixer:(

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    ") That makes me feel much better") You have a very fun personality for doing videos, hopefully you will do more") btw, how did the milk glass, sea glass turn out? My husband is dying to try this out. He made sea glass in a little tumbler a few years back, but it was way to much time and energy to make it worthwhile. Also, do you notice your electric bill going up much?

    Naa the motor on the mixer isn't that big and it is not working very hard. The milk glass just turned opaque and broke into 50 cent piece sizes or larger.

    What makes the glass that tinted blue color?

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    The natural color of the glass is amplified when grinding. Look at the edge of a fish tank, you can see that the sheet of glass from the edge is either a bluish or greenish color depending on what kind of class it is. The real light blue you can see in our flowerbeds comes from windows with that bluish edge tint. The vast majority of our glass is the other kind, must be less expensive so we use it as filler and sprinkle the nice looking stuff over the top.

    I'll bet you could cut the noise in half by using 2 pounds of pea gravel instead of the hobby shop cutting medium you may also be able to take out the tines on the inside of the drum and insert a large rock to tumble with the glass it would cut down on the dropping inside the drum and just crush as it rolls

    Great Ible im gonna try this in the summer ive always wanted a walkway made of this tumbled glass or sea glass it would be pretty

    That is fabulous! I've wondered how you didn't cut yourself when you picked up the handful of glass

    LOL. I tried this a few years ago, but couldn't bear the noise for half a week. Thanks for sharing, I needed this giggle!

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    When you scale up to the mixer it cuts the time to 8-10hrs but the noise is very much increased. I figure we have 30-40 loads all total over a period of several years so it adds up.

    meth lab? funny as hell !
    where I ive there is a place crushing glass and selling it to sand blasters.
    great video