helo. this instructable is a guide to  make a laptop case and a messenger bag out of an old computer with the help of only a backpack, scissors, screwdriver, and duck tape (optional hot glue and foam) It can be completed in under an hour (It took roughly 45 minutes when it was made for this instructable but that was only after the materials were at hand and the plan was written out). Not only will you turn heads having a computer over your shoulder and a monitor in your hand both are extremely durable and can be used as suitcases for the voyages of your life. 

Step 1: Gather Supplies and Tools

 Supplies- Old Computer (tower and monitor), Backpack, Duct Tape, and optional Hot Glue
Tools- Scissors and Screwdriver

a minimal amount of supplies and tools are needed. all in which can either be located dirt cheap, found around the house, or in the best cases found trash picking. a backpack was originally going to play a larger role but as time when on I found great substitutes to my original plan. *noted variations that were in either the brainstorming or the original plan will be noted with these stars*
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I have that exact kind of Gateway tower computer!!!
senin soluduğun oksijene yazık !!!

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