Introduction: MAKE:shift Zipper Tab

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Your favorite sweatshirt/pants/whatever has had it's zipper tab woefully broken off. Here's my easy solution to get more mileage out of your gear.

Step 1: Make a "D" Ring

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Get a paper clip and cut it with diagonal cutters. Bend it into a "D" shape with pliers.

Step 2: Attach the "D" Ring

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Fire up your soldering iron and solder that "D" ring on. Be liberal with the solder, we want this thing to be nice and secure. Beware of cold joints, just by adding a lot of solder doesn't necessarily mean it will hold especially if its a cold joint.

Step 3: Make Your Pull Tab

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My pull tab is made out of VECTRAN which i had lying around the office. You don't need space string to make this work, standard nylon cordage will do just fine. All I did was tie a half-hitch and overhand knot the loose end.

Step 4: The Finished Product

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My favorite MAKE sweatshirt back in action. Take that stupid washing machine, so full of hate. I just woke up in the picture, it was early...


_soapy_ (author)2007-10-29

I just use a whole paperclip. Style? What's that then?

canida (author)_soapy_2007-10-29

I don't think there was anything left to hook a paperclip to- thus the soldering.

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