Introduction: MAME Arcade Cabinet Start Up (Request Instructions If You Like:) )

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Hey guys! This is just a short video of the startup of my Mame arcade machine. Unfortunately I didn't make a full instructable.. (there was ALOT of trial and error)but if your wondering how I did something I'm more than happy to make a step by step of that part :)

It was made with an old pc and screen, the old arcade machine, a hacked up keyboard and some clever software. Enjoy!
Oh and there is no interaction with keyboard or mouse when using the machine.


JashonM (author)2016-07-18

instructions on the startup ,how you do it

BustedDuck (author)2013-11-22

I also would like to know how you se up your start up menu.
I can't find a space invaders rom with sound
You've done well.

pac-man (author)BustedDuck2013-12-23

Sorry been away for awhile,ill make an instructable for the set up and include a copy of the space invaders rom I used

Smtty09 (author)2013-06-04

Instructions requested

pac-man (author)Smtty092013-06-04

Hi Smtty09, any specific part?

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