Step 1: Gather Materials

For this project I purchased an Arduino Uno REV 3, one bright white LED, four resistors, one push button switch, four circuit board standoffs, one 8x 1.5 AA battery holder, one battery connector lead, 8X AA NiMH batteries from Radio Shack.

I found an old piece of copper flashing for the base, discarded strands of electrical copper wire from a nearby house under renovation, 4 switches scavenged from an old chassis panel, and red, green, and black multi-strand hook up wire. I like working with copper because it easy to fashion into the end result that I want and copper presents a nice patina as it ages. BEWARE: Copper is an efficient electrical conductor so avoid shorting out your Arduino that will probably disable it. Plastic, wood, ceramic or stone would also make a suitable base for this kind of project--you design and decide for yourself.

My tools were pliers, different sized small drill bits and drill, hammer and metal file, soldering wand and solder, and volt-ohm meter.

I include the Arduino source code as MANOA_LOGIC.txt

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