MANSAUCE, a New Condiment


Introduction: MANSAUCE, a New Condiment

About: I am liking the flexible schedule of retirement to do things and love this site for ideas to amuse myself.

Listen up troops! Are your taste buds tough enough to enlist in the taste wars! It's a revolutionary movement to appreciate manly cooking!

All kidding aside I concocted this out of three condiments that I love. So I decided to try them all together. I'm not posting this to convert the food Nazi's or impress the un-impressionable trolls so take your comments where they will be more appreciated.

This may have been done by some one else, but I haven't come across it in my life time. Also this maybe one of the shortest instructables posted. For me I find this works for beef and pork (especially chops).

Step 1:

I am not promoting any brands here. The recipe consists of horseradish, catsup, and steak sauce.

Step 2:

I mix equal amounts of each item in a bowl, squeeze bottle, or one of the condiment containers. The idea is to mix equal parts. That's the way I like it, ugh, huh. I you find one ingredient you prefer weaker or stronger than adjust to your taste.

Step 3:

That's all folks. Thanks for viewing. Sorry I didn't have a luscious T bone, prime rib, etc for the example.



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    This sounds extra tasty!! I cannot wait to try this wonderful creation.. anything else would be over-kill. You have my vote 8)

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    Thanks B&C Stout for your vote and comment!

    Add a dash of Tabasco or sriracha and you would really be on to something!

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    Try my mix first, then you can jazz it up to you own taste. Otherwise we could invent anything that is not the original idea. I like your affinity for hot spice.

    I'm totally trying this, mostly because of how awesome the name is. Thank you, sir.

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    It would have never occurred to me to view the title of your condiment as referring to something pornographic. How silly .
    Ignore the 12-year old kids sniggering behind their hands; the sauce sounds excellent and easy to do.

    This looks tasty. I wonder if we have horseradish sauce in AU?

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    Wow, another response from down under. Sometimes I forget there is an international audience. If you do find horseradish I would recommend the creamed version, mixes better although I do use "prepared" too, but less as it is stronger.

    OK - I am an Australian so I have no idea what Louisiana Gem is and can't make any comments about the culinary aspects of this. However the name does put me off a bit. I have seen too many movies on the internet where someone is talking about “hot sticky man sauce”.

    “Man Sauce” is not something I want to put on my food.

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    You will notice it is labeled "steak sauce" and I have defined it in the ingredients. It seems I have offended you and my apologies mate. This is something I came up with like and present it here with humor that I guess is not appreciated.

    Crickey, Fair suck of the old sav clobber. Not offended at all. Just was trying to point out that on some areas of the internet that "man sauce" is already considered as a taken word :)

    I'd love to try it out. If I am ever in So Cal I will buy you a rum and you can let me experience some of your manly steak sauce.

    With respect, y'all, its only offensive if you think about it that way. :)
    I, for one, understand your humor. We do the same thing all the time in my house just to make things sound more manly - "Man Koolaid," "Man Burgers", etc. Also, I think your sauce sounds delicious and will have to try it soon!

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    Thanks Shadri. If you get it, you get it. Hope you try it and give me more feed back.

    One more disclaimer. I don't watch the movies refereed to in a previous post, nor do I engage in pornography and was not my intent to solicit the impression implied here. I came up with the name as a "sauce" for "men" (though, strong) as a humorous thing. Hello, Rambo? I guess my humor is dated, generation gap, naive, whatever. I will remove this if it is too offensive.

    "I'm not posting this to convert the food Nazi's or impress the un-impressionable trolls so take your comments where they will be more appreciated."

    Have a good day and live well

    That is a most unfortunate name you gave this ible.
    It's worse than the ice pop one called "Taste - icles."

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    I realize there are differences in our cultures and no offense intended.