This is a twelve shot revolving pump action assault rifle, combined with a sniper barrel (surprisingly accurate) capable of both slingshot rounds and my signature vendetta bullet. (signature to vendetta combo sniper rifle. CLASSIFIED) The cylinder is knexgeek's TR12 Turret, and before I only had a basic 8 shot one. I did tr12 because of lack of pieces for tr18. I also called it manslaughter because when loaded, it looks like an evil flesh eating beast with way too many teeth.

I have the many types of ammo that the sniper can fire for the last three vids.
1. sniper rounds
2. my pat. shrapnel bullet
It looks good. But you should try to make the pump bigger. That will make it easier to use.
Thank you for crediting me. Also, why not just go build ooda's Handle pump TR and put the 12 shot turret on it.
Not bad at all, worth posting some pictures too =D

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