There are already many duct-tape briefcases on this site so why another one:
1) No office supplies were pilfered in the making of this instructable – not even a paper clip.
2) The handle is unique to this project and applicable to other projects.

Materials bought for this project:
  1) Duct Tape
  2) Closure of some sort – I chose heavy duty Velcro

Materials scrounged for this project:
  1) Paper ream wrapper (isn't that a great phase? “ream-wrapper”)
  2) A few feet of thin cord – two long shoe laces will do
  3) Thin cardboard – a discarded coffee maker box from the break room and a file folder box
  4) Chopstick or bamboo skewer (from the cafeteria)

  1) Scissors
  2) Large plastic straw (from cafeteria)
  3) Your Swiss Army Knife or Multi-Tool
  4) Mug and plate from the lunchroom to trace small and large curves

Take your time and think the project through before you start so you're not designing or problem solving on the fly. Take one lunch hour to gather materials and assemble the next day. I'm lucky to work in an environment where I can shut myself  in a storage area and not be disturbed (or bother others) when I get involved in a minor construction project like this one.

Step 1: Find a Ream of Paper in the Paper Wrapper

When it's time to feed the printer or copier in the office, take the sealed ream of paper to your secret laboratory for deconstruction. The part you want is the wrapper but DON'T take the paper out yet.

Start by duct-taping three of four sides with duct tape, being sure to overlap the edges. After the sides are taped, put a layer of tape on the front and back. You don't have to be neat or cover every square inch yet. This layer is a foundation.

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