Introduction: MAR 2

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This is an upgraded version of my earlier MAR (Masterdude Assault Rifle).

-Sturdier construction
-More comfortable handle
-Removable magazine
-More compact
-Safety relocated

-Carry handle
-Good front grip
-Removable magazine

-Uses quite a bit of pieces
-Hard to reload at first

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Step 1: Barrel: Making the Components

Make the following:

Picture 1: Make 14.
Picture 2: Make 14.
Picture 3: Make 14.
Picture 4: Make 3.
Picture 5: Make 2.

Step 2: Barrel: Construction

Follow the images:

Picture 1: Place blue rods as shown.
Picture 2: Place three of the earlier made parts as shown.
Picture 3: Cover as shown.
Picture 4: Add four gray rods the the piece as shown.
Picture 5: Place the earlier made parts as shown.
Picture 6: Now add another piece like the first.
Picture 7: Again add the earlier constructed pieces but with their places switched.
Picture 8: When finished it should look like this.
Picture 9: Attach the two parts you've made so it looks like this.

Step 3: Stock: Making the Components

Make the following:

Picture 1: Make 1.
Picture 2: Make 2.
Picture 3: Make 2.

Step 4: Stock: Construction

Follow the images:

Picture 1: Place blue rods where shown.
Picture 2: Place the earlier made part as shown.
Picture 3: Place the earlier made part as shown.
Picture 4: Place the earlier made part as shown.
Picture 5: Place the earlier made part as shown.

Step 5: Trigger/Ammo Feed: Making the Components

Make the following. Due to the large amount of parts each part will be assigned a letter:

Picture 1: Make 1. (Part A)
Picture 2: Make 1. (Part B)
Picture 3: Make 1. (Part C)
Picture 4: Make 1. (Part D)
Picture 5: Make 1. (Part E)
Picture 6: Make 1. (Part F)
Picture 7: Make 1. (Part G)
Picture 8: Make 1. (Part H)
Picture 9: Make 1. (Part I)
Picture 10: Make 1. (Part J)
Picture 11: Make 1. (Part K)
Picture 12: Make 1. (Part L)
Picture 13: Make 1. (Part M)

Step 6: Trigger/Ammo Feed: Construction

Follow the images:

Picture 1: Place blue and white rods as shown on Part A.
Picture 2: Place Part B on Part A and add blue rods and blue rods with tan connectors.
Picture 3: Place Parts C, E, and M as shown and add a gray connector and blue spacers where                             shown
Picture 4: Place Parts D, H, I, K, L and add gray connectors and blue spacers where shown.
Picture 5: Place 2 white rods with tan clips and 2 blue spacers, and add Part F.
Picture 6: Place Part G.
Picture 7: Add Part J and metallic blue clips.

Step 7: Magazine: Making the Components

Make the following:

Picture 1: Make 2.
Picture 2: Make 2.
Picture 3: Make 1.
Picture 4: Make 1.

Step 8: Magazine: Construction

Follow the images:

Picture 1: Add white rods.
Picture 2: Add the two earlier made parts.
Picture 3: Cover with the other part.
Picture 4: Finished mag with ammo, ammo pusher, and pin in place.

Step 9: Putting It All Together

Follow the images:

Picture 1: Attach the stock to the trigger/ammo-feed as shown.
Picture 2: Attach the barrel to the trigger/ammo-feed as shown.

Step 10: Loading and Firing

To load remove the mag and place the pin in the appropriate area. Now place the ammo in the mag. insert the mag into the ammo feed. Next remove the pin. Hook the rubber bands on the end of the barrel and the trigger spoke. Make sure the rubber bands are on both sides of the ammo. Remove the pin. Make sure the safety is off before you shoot. Pull the trigger to fire (in case you didn't figure that out).

Picture 1: Mag in place.
Picture 2: Mag in place with pin pulled out.(Note: Pin must be pulled out for the gun to shoot)
Picture 3: Assembled gun without mag.
Picture 4: Assembled gun with mag.
Picture 5: View of ammo feed when loaded.
Picture 6: Rubber bands hooked on to the spoke in the back.
Picture 7: Ammo.

Warning- This may cause harm or injury if misused. Do not point it at people. I am not responsible for damage, injury, or death caused by this instructable. The safety may fail to work properly under certain circumstances so always treat the gun as if the safety was off.



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    You mean that the accuracy isn't all that good? It probably is because of the rubberband. If it is too long then at the last stage the bullet may get pushed off course by the rubberband. I suggest using thin but elastic and small in length rubberbands.

    thanks. ure a lifesaver! ps: i made an arch on the top of the gun and used plates on the mag so it looks more like an m4 carbine. i have no idea how to post pics but its not finished yet, the mag is not detachable and it is a prototype m4 carbine so right now it shoots e-bands. i cant make it shoot bullets right now because: i have run out of orange/brown connectors. i have no internet now. i have run out of green rods. pps: i have 2 versions. one is your design, the other is mine. (i also have IAC's heavy cannon v1, gorkems sniper and a few semi auto pistols using the same mech as most of your guns. i know, i have a lot of knex!) lazerbeam :-)

    Well it would be nice to see how you have changed the original design. If you want to p

    Well you may want to know that I've made the MAR-3 and once I figure out how to get the images online I will try to post an I'ble.

    MBAR-2 style rail. Adjustable sight (new design). MBAR-2 style magazine. Extra ammo, rubberband, and such storages. Flip safety (working). Stronger trigger system. Just lots of new ideas making it a whole lot better than this model.

    dood, awsome gun, me and mah freind built it, is it ok if we post an instructable showing how to mod it and put on your mbar bayennet?

    2 replies

    But an I'ble on how to put the bayonet on is not neccessary because most people can figure it out already. Also remember to post here some images and description of the mods so I can decide whether it is really worth posting and whether I want to have it lead to me in any way.

    I'd be OK if you make an I'ble of mods if you credit me with a link to the gun on the Intro step and if the mods make it better and are worth posting (Gun is still good and there is a noticable difference). I don't want people to post I'bles of my gun nearly the same. I would like you to tell me what the mods are and maybe post here an image of it so I can judge whether it is indeed worth posting.

    At the yellow connectors at the end.

    Looks a TON better but..... I'm still not making it 4*s

    4 replies

    Because I don't want to. And it's not very cool looking.

    And besides from the fact that its been done 50 times before and almost every knexer  has built something like this.

    Yes indeed.. I just don't really like the look of it too much =P

    A lot better than your original. I like the new stock. My only suggestion is to do the same to the barrel.

    I might build later.