MAR-3 Preview





Introduction: MAR-3 Preview

I have made a third model to the MAR which started the my largest series of K'nex guns/rifles.  I will start working on the I'ble but it probably will be finished in a couple weeks.

It features to my guns:
-New innovative adjustable sight (probably first of its kind)
-Side ammo storage
-Extra rubberband storage
-Flip safety (also probably the first of its kind)

Image 1: Stock, old sight
Image 2: Stock, new sight
Image 3: No stock, old sight
Image 4: No stock, new sight
Image 5: Stock, new sight, some optional gear
Image 6: Look down new sight



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When it is flipped up, some red connectors block the spoke from moving and the trigger from being pulled far enough to let the spoke and therefor the rubberband go.

The new sight looks bad in my opinion. I prefer the old one. Otherwise cool!

Why do you think it looks bad?

I'm not sure. Just the side view that is. Looking down the sights is cool though.

Maybe it's because it looks slightly unproportionally large?

Nice semi auto rifle. Try and get the band cog to use green rods instead of white, as if you put to many bands on the white rod it will snap off.

I've tried but I haven't yet fount a good way to do that. However in this rifle there are 3 spokes side by side making it unlikely that the white rod will "snap off".