Step 14: Side Ammo Storage

If you are making the side ammo storage, follow this step, if not skip it.
Follow the images:

Image 1: Make 2 of these.
Image 2: Put these through the ammo (up to 16 pieces) as shown.
Image 3: Clip to the barrel parts which stick out as shown.
Amazing. Really organized 'ibles with the components section and then construction section. Really well thought! Awesome gun too!
epik. 5*
no problem! =D<br>
okay...i'm gonna make this one! xD awesome gun
without the stock, it looks like a shotgun! =D =D =D<br>
Yeah, kind of like a (combat?) shotgun.
yeah i guess...=D
sorry. i was mad when i sent that. i was just trying to connect the rubberbands, when it broke and a green connector hit my eye.
building this bit while watcing the royal wedding lol
I didn't watch the wedding. Only bits on the news. Heard some of the hats worn were &quot;interesting&quot;(unusual).
You should really win a patch or an award or something for your ibles.<br>I don't know why you aren't a legend like IAC or Killerk (you're not as good as Killerk, (no offence) but it's just an example)! You are really that awesome.(you are not as good as Killerk, but nonetheless as good as IAC)
Well, thanks for the complement. Also just wondering, what is it that makes Killerk so good? Is it his TR18 or SRv1? Or something else?
(OMG amazing! I have one question though, how many peices does it use? Since I have very little knex I want to know how many to buy!
Well, I don't know, and I know it would be very nice to count and tell people the part count but I'm just to lazy to count that many pieces, so sorry, but I don't know.
i have just made your msau-2, and, sorry to say it, it is not my favourite gun by the least. are there any guns that you have made that are very reliable and powerful?<br>(i dont care about the peice count)
Well, have you made this? Also I will later come out with a gun which uses a ram rod mech which would not have the problems you've mentioned having with some of my guns.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhahahahaha no i have the weapontold of by gods,well not really <br>
Ummmm....<br>Could you rewrite that in a way I could understand?
i think he said *angelic chior in background* i now have to gun of gods.
&quot;i now have to gun of gods&quot;<br><br>And what are referring to by that may I ask? Is it a compliment or a continuation of Cyborgold1's comment?
1- imeant the gun of gods<br><br>2- its a continuation
Can you mod it to have a quicker reload time?
It is probably as quick reloadable as this type of gun can be.
Piece count please?
Sorry but I took it apart already and am too lazy to do piece counts for something like this.
For step 5, pictures 2 and 10 have this weird blue and black piece. I didn't have one of those so my dad cut the middle off a red connector.
http://knex.com/Shop/home.php?cat=317&amp;cp=2&amp;startnum=0&amp;partType=standard, buy the blue and black hinges, and you connect both pieces together.
Well white connectors could have worked however they may not be as comfortable as with those. Also how about trying out other pieces before cutting pieces (I dislike cut pieces).
you forgot a blue connecter in pic 2. tis alright
Fixed it. Thanks for the notification.
don't connect rubber bands for any of these guns. i learned that lesson the hard way, a bruise in the eye
Why? Did it break and shoot back at you?
&quot;I am not responsible for damage, injury, or death caused by this instructable.&quot; <br> <br>lol :) <br> <br>
why would you be? <br>.<br>.<br>jk
does this use a motor?<br>
Nope, no motors. I once made a model of the MHMG which I posted but with a motor to pull the trigger so it would be automatic. It worked but the ROF was rather slow and that was with extra batteries to the motor.
thanks :)

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