Picture of MAR-4
This is my MAR-4 (Masterdude Assault Rifle version 4). Upon request of fellow members of the K'nexing community here, I have made it using a new firing mechanism (firing pin/ramrod type). It fires my standard ammo, however if you are doing single shot then it will shoot blue rods, and others if you load down the barrel.

-Adjustable sight
-Trigger guard
-Cheek rest
-Removable magazine
-Vertical grip
-Good power
-Can be breech loaded

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Image 1: Gun with optional gear.
Image 2: Gun without optional gear.
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Step 1: Main Body: Components

Picture of Main Body: Components
Make the following as shown in the images. They will be assigned a letter for further reference:

Step 2: Main Body: Construction A

Picture of Main Body: Construction A
Follow the steps:

Image 1: Add blue rods to Part A.
Image 2: Add Parts B and C, gray connectors, and white rods.
Image 3: Add Parts C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and N, and gray connectors.
Image 4: Add Parts C and K, and gray connectors.
Image 5: Add Part L.
Image 6: Add Part M.
Image 7: On other side, add metallic blue clip and gray connectors.

Step 3: Main Body: Construction B

Picture of Main Body: Construction B
Follow the images:

Images 1-2: Make these.
Image 3: Put them together as shown.
Image 4: Place it as shown.
Image 5: Make this (Ramrod/Firing Pin).
Images 6-12: Make this as shown in the images (images are step by step) (Charging Handle).
Image 13: Place the Ramrod/Firing Pin as shown.
Image 14: Flip red connectors up as shown so they snap into place with the white rod.
Image 15: Place the Charging Handle as shown.
Image 16: Connect the two together as in the image.

Step 4: Magazine

Picture of Magazine
Follow the images:

Images 1-2: Make 2 of each.
Images 3-4: Make 1 of each.
Image 5: Add white rods.
Image 6: Add the other parts as shown.
Image 7: Cover with the last part.
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~KGB~4 years ago
Masterdude (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
On the other side there is a flap/breech which can be used to single load the gun. You can see it in the 8th Step.
pretty cool feature =D
Looks epic man 5*
Masterdude (author)  beanieostrich4 years ago
No problem XD I like your latest bullpup SMG =)
Masterdude (author)  beanieostrich4 years ago
Thanks. SMGs are nice, but bullpup makes them even better. " =) "
I like bullpups, but my fav is the F2000 =D I like using smiles XD You should see some of my things.
Good job. 4.5*
Why did you reply to that?
i didnt mean to
Its alright, thats happened to me before =D
Masterdude (author)  jmm724 years ago
now this looks AWESOME!!!!!
The Nomlack4 years ago
This is really great! 5*
Masterdude (author)  The Nomlack4 years ago
Np. i really like the side loading mech!
Masterdude (author)  The Nomlack4 years ago
Thanks. I wanted to make something new and more-less practical. Now you can load without removing the mag.
spazgadget3 years ago
help! my gun wont cock! it just slips past the trigger! help please!
Masterdude (author)  spazgadget3 years ago
I don't know what's wrong, but it may be that you don't pull the charging handle thing back far enough, or the trigger may not be pushed enough by the rubberband (then get a stronger rubberband on it). I hope that helps, if not then PM for further assistance.
skyfaller4 years ago
Can anybody make a piece count? i don't wanna build it to the end and not have enough for something.
FuNbOy774 years ago
ok thanx
Masterdude (author)  FuNbOy774 years ago
You're welcomed.
FuNbOy774 years ago
Do u only need 1 Y connector for the whole gun?
Masterdude (author)  FuNbOy774 years ago
Unfortunately no. You need 6 I think for the removable mag, however if you can't manage 6, you could mod it so the mag is not removable and you wouldn't need any, I think.
tytiger334 years ago
I built it and loved it except for one thing range. I love that you are making ramrod guns but next time make it so the ram rod isn't attached to a charging handle and then the range will be much better. And could you maybe build a good pump action gun? If you do that would be great!
Masterdude (author)  tytiger334 years ago
I know the range isn't as good as in my previous guns. Currently I have made some new ramrod guns and will post them later. They however are more compact and are side arms.
OK well then keep on working on this one and try to make a better second version.
Torpe4 years ago
On the MBSMG, do you have to pull back the bands/pin for every shot?
Masterdude (author)  Torpe4 years ago
No, only when loading. Also could you comment/ask about an Instructable on that Instructables page?
laserbeam4 years ago
will you be making more guns like your othher ones (mars mbar, msmg etc)
Masterdude (author)  laserbeam4 years ago
Of course. However they will probably only be coming back in a few months. I have now created a mechanism which works well enough for me and the next few guns will be based off of things that I've developed for this gun.
When you dot, make a pistol!
Call it the MSAP!
I probably will. However I may call it the MSAU-3 like ones before it. What general characteristics do you think I should add to make it a MSAP, not a MSAU?
a very short barel (7 cm)
Masterdude (author)  laserbeam4 years ago
Anything else?
For realism, have a slanted handle as the mag, and please DON'T use the same mechanism that the MSAU uses. (not the pseudo, i mean bullpup)
I'm working on a slanted handle (will probably not have a removable mag). As for the trigger I will try making a ramrod/firing pin mech first, then maybe a semi-auto.
a removibale mag inside the handle and no foregrip
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