Picture of MAR Mod: Gray Connector Ammo
The normal MAR fires gray and orange connectors joined by a green rod. Now if for some reason you prefer to shoot gray connectors you can use this instructable to make a modified magazine which will let your MAR fire gray connectors.

Note: This will not tell you how to make the whole gun. This only tells how to make a new mag so you can fire new ammo. If you haven't made the MAR yet then here is a link.

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Step 1: Making the Components

Make the following:

Picture 1: Make 2.
Picture 2: Make 1.
Picture 3: Make 1.
Picture 4: Make 1.
Picture 5: Make 1.
Picture 6: Make 1.
Picture 7: Make 1.
Picture 8: Make 1.

arempel4 years ago
interesting design, overall, well done!!
Masterdude (author)  arempel4 years ago
nathan7334 years ago
how far does it shoot?
Masterdude (author)  nathan7334 years ago
I don't remember but I doubt it shot farther than the original version. Anyway this is now outdated with the second model already posted and the third on way.
Masterdude (author)  nathan7334 years ago
You are welcomed.
lol i said thanks 2 times! o well.
does it work on the mar 2?
With some modifications it should because it works on the same principal.
~KGB~5 years ago
it might not fire as good
Masterdude (author)  ~KGB~5 years ago
It is prone to more malfunctions when it uses gray connectors and it might lose some accuracy but I posted if someone really wanted a gray connector shooting gun for some reason.