hello guys, If any of you got an old floppy disk lying around, try hacking it into a smartphone camera filter. super easy and you can get quite cool shots. or taking pictures of solar eclipse. :)

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Step 2:

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So this is quite straight forward.
You'll need a floppy disk. Take it apart so you get an access to an actual disk. it's like some kind of plastic tinted film.

Next cut a piece out big enough to be able to cover your smartphones camera. and cover your camera. it's good if you have a case for your smartphone, in that way you can just place this film between camera and case. and that is it.

Now you can take cool red look pictures on your smartphone. It looks like if you take pics on Mars. :)


Kylemelderis (author)2016-09-13

The material used for floppy discs was:

DD: 2 µm magnetic iron oxide
HD: 1.2 µm cobalt-doped iron oxide
ED: 3 µm barium ferrite

so I guess it's the iron oxide that gives that cool redish tint.

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