Step 2: Connecting Peices Together!

Peice (A) goes into the top of the (cross) ! Then Peice (B) goes into the right side of the (cross) then is connected to a (elbow) then is connected to (F). Take peice (C) and connect it to the (Elbow) thats connected to (D) , then you will have one hole left ..... you will put (E) into it and attach a bottle to it using tape ! IF you use glue dont glue the legs cuz they will need to move in elevation !! '
Instructions dude I cant make it stop yelling
Well this just my opinion but you could add some more pipe so the bottles flat and not on a angle<br>
quit yelling.
This is cool, but i make is where you pump up the tank and fire it with a ball valve
You dont pump it up; you stomp on the bottle to launch it.
im just saying thats how i did it
i would use like a cork from a wine bottle or something and put a nail on through it
yeah! dude i need to try it!'<em><strong></strong></em><br/>

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