Introduction: MAS 960 Design for Empowerement - Arduino Project RUDI

Picture of MAS 960 Design for Empowerement - Arduino Project RUDI

Arduino project codename RUDI: connecting personnal objects to a conductive paint electric circuit and projecting images on a laptop using a magnetic arduoino.

Design by: David Mellis, Eric Rosenbaum, Sam Kronick, Jerome Finkel
MIT Media Lab fall 2010

Step 1: Get the Raw Material

Picture of Get the Raw Material

Simple wood frames can be used.

Step 2: Draw Marks to Know Where to Cut

Picture of Draw Marks to Know Where to Cut

Using a regulaer pencil, draw the shape of the elements that need to be shaped

Step 3: Cut the Wood Parts

Picture of Cut the Wood Parts

Following basic security rules, cut the wooden parts following the lines

Step 4: Building the Laptop Platform

Picture of Building the Laptop Platform

Images will be shown on the laptop screen. So two wooden shaped handles are made in order to carry the laptop

Step 5: Detailes Laptop Handles

Picture of Detailes Laptop Handles

Step 6: Elements Start Taking Shape

Picture of Elements Start Taking Shape

Step 7: Put All the Pieces Together

Picture of Put All the Pieces Together

Use wood glue to assemble the pieces of wood together

Step 8: Use Pressure to Make Glue More Effective

Picture of Use Pressure to Make Glue More Effective

Compression will help fix the pieces together

Step 9: Before Assembling

Picture of Before Assembling

All objects are ready to be assembled on the wood frame:
- laptop handles
- one platform for the arduino
- one platform for the video camera
- hook-shaped support for the trombone
- wooden arm for holding the overall

Step 10: After Assembling

Picture of After Assembling

Step 11: Painting the Frame

Picture of Painting the Frame

Using acrylic white paint, paint the wooden frames starting from the bottom

Step 12: First Prototype

Picture of First Prototype

Step 13: Preparing the Magnetic Paint

Picture of Preparing the Magnetic Paint

Magnetic paint has to be well stired in order to have all the magnetic parts well distributed within the paint.

Step 14: Paint the Magnetic Arduino Spot

Picture of Paint the Magnetic Arduino Spot

Using the well stired magnetic paint, draw the teardrop shape of the magnetic arduino

Step 15: Painting the Shapes on Board

Picture of Painting the Shapes on Board

Paint the shape of the objects using black acrylic paint for the inside and flashy distinctive colours for the outside

Step 16: Paint Electric Circuit

Picture of Paint Electric Circuit

Starting from the Arduino spot, draw the electric circuit using the corresponding colours of each object. Also use the conductive paint to create an electric circuit that connects all the objects.
Test the circuit as the conductive paint is drying to make sure it's conductive.

Step 17: Test Electric Circuit

Picture of Test Electric Circuit

Testing if the spring creates an electric bridge ... and yes it does!

Step 18: Loading Program in Arduino

Picture of Loading Program in Arduino


agis68 (author)2010-09-20

Some video plz! looks grate but what is doing?????????

crapflinger (author)2009-09-28

instructions are pretty thin... (insert tab A into slot B).. also not very clear what this thing actually does

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