M.A.T.V. (Mini All Terrain Vehicle)




Introduction: M.A.T.V. (Mini All Terrain Vehicle)

I built this a while back and i got bored so i decided to post it.
Oh and don't be harsh this is just something i made.
Sorry about the picture quality i used the camera on my computer.

Step 1: Peices

1 motor
1 gray/blue/orange
10 straight conectors
10 white/grey rods
2 tan connectors
2 long grey connectors
2 gray spacers

Step 2: The Axle

Do i need to explain this? No i don't you can figure this out for yourself.

Step 3: Step 3

Add orange

Step 4: White Rods

Add one more orange connector to each side then add a white rod to each one.

Step 5: Wheels

just follow the pics

Step 6: Finished



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    Nice job but can you make a video and post it on Youtube. This is a very cool concept!

    srry man i dont have a youtube acc and dont plan on makin one and thanks for the compliment

     Can you upload a video to instructables?

    srry havent been on for awhile but how do i do that?

    add file in add images

    ok ill ry when i get home what do you think i should make it go over?

    Maybe a shoe or a pile of blankets

    cool ill do both

    well its ok but how dose it work i dont get it where should i use it