MAVREV13' AR15 Armorlite Mod.





Introduction: MAVREV13' AR15 Armorlite Mod.

first get recon screw driers and good ductape no grip tape

Step 1: Step 1

unscew gun

Step 2: Step 2

take out the spring and internal barrel.

Step 3: 3rd Step

cut there.

Step 4: 4th Step

take air restrictor out

Step 5: Last

ductape both halfs together and he rest is easy if u need help comment on my page. then spray paint it.

NO DRY FIREING it will brake it.

also if any thing seems unclear comment and i should answer within 24 hours.



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    Wait... Did he not take out the priming locks? That means when taking a mag out, the only way not to dry fire it is to breech load a dart. Lol.

    hey dudes im not going to be on here so if i reply late then sorry
    go to my youtube account and messege me, ill gladly help you out.

    ooh that's a beautiful mod and it looks very clean

    are u being sarcastic

    thanks i just spray painted it the stock is tape pu even if i sprayed that with black it would look the same and i cant wate to see it

    you could just paint a raiders stock black

    i dont have 1 to spair

    i used to paint all of my guns white but then i went crazy and painted them yellow and pink

    if not thanks i saw a few of ur mods to they are cool.