FROM Yellow/Blue unmodded to Black and silver cromo modded.

if you like nerf comment and rate if you dont then dont
hey dudes im not going to be on here so if i reply late then sorry<br>go to my youtube account and messege me, ill gladly help you out.
thats epic
&nbsp;nice paint job!&nbsp;
thank you.
&nbsp;not bad im modding recon right now and i need to know where to do everything
what do you need help with ive modded them and i think there fun to mod so ask away and ill answer asap
&nbsp;how long does a drill thingy need to be?<br /> <br /> anything i should dispose of?<br /> <br /> should i lengthen the spring?<br /> <br /> final how do i remove the pin holding the orange thing on the restrictor<br />
send me pics on my pagge of what you need help with and ill help.
&nbsp;cam broke yesterday
find pics of the recon on my Armorlite mod and ask ?s on that so then it will be easyer. also that stinks.
&nbsp;nice rifle sry for off topic thing :(
no prob

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