Step 7: Handle/Sight

Follow the images:

Image 1: Make this.
Image 2: Make these.
Image 3: Add another yellow connector with a white rod to each as shown.
Image 4: Add white rods with tan clips as shown.
Image 5: Add light gray connectors.
Image 6: Add gray connectors.
Image 7: Add green connectors.
Image 8: Make these.
Image 9: Connect them as shown. Be sure they look like this and are not placed on the wrong ones.
Images 10-11: Connect the parts you've made so it looks like this.

gonna make it right now! best gun i've seen! love it
Thanks!<br>But you may want to know that I'm planning on posting the MAR-3 instructable later today (as in maybe in a few minutes from when I post this) so you may want to make it.
Nice!<br />
epic!<br />
1. I PM'd you.<br>2. What is bullpup?
1. I know but I can't open it for some reason. You may want to try again.<br>2. When the magazine/mechanism is behind the trigger/handle.
Looks great. 4 stars.<br />
Meh... I have a few ways for you to improve it.<br /> <br /> 1- Turn the blue 3d connector on the handle (the one that's boxing the trigger) so that the gap faces a different way<br /> 2- get a stronger trigger. &nbsp;The gray rods look bent.<br /> 3- Forget all the attachments you have on it.<br />
1.Why?<br /> 2.It looks bent from the earlier years of making ramrod type guns. It is very strong already.<br /> 3.The attachments are optional.<br />
I think I'm going to build this!

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