Picture of MBLR V.1 Metal's Breach Loading Rifle
MBLR V 1 142.JPG
MBLR V 1 143.JPG
MBLR V 1 155.JPG
MBLR V 1 144.JPG
MBLR V 1 154.JPG
MBLR V 1 153.JPG
MBLR V 1 152.JPG
MBLR V 1 151.JPG
MBLR V 1 150.JPG
MBLR V 1 149.JPG
MBLR V 1 148.JPG
MBLR V 1 147.JPG
MBLR V 1 146.JPG
MBLR V 1 145.JPG
Well here it is my third intry to the toy rods and conecters contest 
The  MBLR. V.1 Metal's Breach Loading Rifle 

features :  
good  range 20- 30 ft . 
stock can  easly be removed .
accurate up to 5 ft..
looks great ( imo) 
very powerful puts hools in cardbourd 


That is not too bad, nice job bro.
i dont really see how its "breach loading" :l
metalsonic (author)  Triggerhappy1011 year ago

pic 3 : the breach

oh :P
I'd make it less right-angley, but other than that it's really nice. :3
Looks good!