Picture of MBSR-2
This is the second version of my MBSR (Masterdude Bullpup Sniper Rifle). It's been updated with new features such as:
-New compact magazine
-New sight
-Cheek rest
-In-stock compartment

-Removable mag
-Adjustable sight
-True trigger with trigger guard
-Good comfort
-Listed above in the new things

-Lots of pieces
-Can be hard/slow to load

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Step 1: Barrel Part 1

Picture of Barrel Part 1
Follow the images:

Image 1: Make 2.
Image 2: Make 3.
Image 3: Make 1.
Image 4: Add blue rods as shown.
Image 5: Place 3 of the other parts as shown.
Image 6: Cover with the other part.
Image 7: Place the last part as shown.
Image 8: On the other side, add a metallic blue clip.

Step 2: Barrel Part 2

Picture of Barrel Part 2
Make the following:

Image 1: Make 9. (Part A)
Image 2: Make 9. (Part B)
Image 3: Make 9. (Part C)

Follow the images:

Image 4: Add four red rods to Part A.
Image 5: Add Parts B and C as shown.
Image 6: Add Part A and repeat this step and the earlier step while switching the sides of the Parts B and C until you get this.
Image 7: Add a red rod.
Image 8: Add a white rod as shown (for the bi-pod).

Step 3: Main Body: Components

Picture of Main Body: Components
Make the following in the quantities given. The parts will be assigned a letter for reference further on:

Image 1: Make 1.(Part A)
Image 2: Make 1.(Part B)
Image 3: Make 2.(Part C)
Image 4: Make 3.(Part D)
Image 5: Make 3.(Part E)
Image 6: Make 2.(Part F)
Image 7: Make 4.(Part G)
Image 8: Make 3.(Part H)
Image 9: Make 1.(Part I)
Image 10: Make 2.(Part J)
Image 11: Make 1.(Part K)
Image 12: Make 4.(Part L)
Image 13: Make 1.(Part M)

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An Villain3 years ago
Not Bad. I like it. I'd rate but for some reason the stars are gone.
Masterdude (author)  An Villain3 years ago
~KGB~4 years ago
looks quite nice, 4.5*
Masterdude (author)  ~KGB~4 years ago
no prob
this gun looks and is fecking awesome.
Thank you.
An Villain3 years ago
I'd reply but for some reason the reply button is gone.
Masterdude (author)  An Villain3 years ago
I hate it when it does that.
I'd hate it but for some reason the hate button is gone.
Masterdude (author)  An Villain3 years ago
I know, just when you want to hate something, the hate button is gone. Where's my hate button?
; )
I'd reply with a smiley but the smiley button is gone.
Masterdude (author)  An Villain3 years ago
There never was a smiley button on I'bles was there? However I can reply with a stream of unusual symbols.


I guess I don't really have anything better to do. Well, maybe I should get to work on my I'ble. I procrastinate too much.

(On my MHG-1 I procrastinated for a couple months)
james43 years ago
hmm this is called pusuedo semi auto if im correct
Masterdude (author)  james43 years ago
Many people call this a "pseudo semi-automatic" however there is/was quite a debate whether guns like this are truely semi-automatic or pseudo semi-automatic. I don't think a unanimous decision has been reach and whether this is a semi-automatic or pseudo semi-automatic depends on who you ask.
yeah like if 0 is an even number or odd number
Masterdude (author)  james43 years ago
Well actually, zero is odd according to sources like WolframAlpha and Wikipedia, but I understand what you mean. The term Semi-auto in the K'nex community has different definitions depending on who you ask.
yeah i think its even because there's no other thing thats odd that you cant pair up with
joey99 james43 years ago
0 is neather even or odd, it represents nothing
Rightyo. I am building this, but! How far does it shoot?
Well, I'm not really sure since I can't test it right now since I don't have it built.
Depends on your elastic. It probably gets about 50 ft normally. Probably more if you have good elastic.
Can you use your MHMG AP rounds?
jmand3 years ago
what does it fire and i have a sugestion when doing the steps dont put like"image1:make 2"in the comment of thestep put it as a kimage note in the yellow box on the pic its makes it easier to readinstead of counting the pics to find where youre at
Masterdude (author)  jmand3 years ago
The image should answer you question, and actually that's a good idea, maybe I'll implement it in my next I'bles. Thanks for the suggestion.
how many peices dose it tAKE?
Masterdude (author)  Vincent1011993 years ago
I don't know but it is probably a whole lot.
Vynash4 years ago

These are all cool and all but... You should try a new style?
Masterdude (author)  Vynash4 years ago
Many people tell me that but I have yet to find a new building style in which I am really good at. Any suggestions?
Not building every gun with pretty much the same mech?
Masterdude (author)  razzlekunai4 years ago
The mech does change over time. I would use another mech but I have yet to find one which is as good as the one I currently am using (semi-auto, reliable, and powerful).
Well, what I meant by using the same mech was that every single one of your guns uses a pseudo-semi auto mechanism.
Maybe try building something that doesn't use a semi-auto mech, such as a gun that uses a firing pin?
Masterdude (author)  razzlekunai4 years ago
Currently I am doing an experiment with a firing pin mechanism gun. However it may be very probably that it will not come for a long time if at all. Meanwhile I post one or more guns using my standard mech.
I quite like this gun! It could do with neatening up, but it looks powerful, is it?,
Masterdude (author)  TheFoofinator4 years ago
It is powerful. And by "neatening up" you mean?
Trigger mech on the inside, and closing the mag.
Masterdude (author)  TheFoofinator4 years ago
The mag is open so it can be more compact, otherwise it would be larger and would hold less ammo. Also if the whole spoke on the trigger mech was on the inside it would be a lot harder to load.
I see about the mag, but you can make the trigger go around the mag in these bullpup designs: Dj's Halo Battle Rifle
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