Picture of MBSR
This is the Masterdude Bullpup Sniper Rifle (MBSR). It is basically my MBAR on steroids (and a whole lot of them). It is stronger, more accurate, bigger than the MBAR but it is still semi-auto. The trigger mechanism has been modified for more power and easier firing.

-Comfortable grip
-Semi-auto (you choose you ROF)
-Removable mag
-Good power
-Good range
-Trigger guard
-OK looks
-Reliable trigger mechanism
-Large ammo

-Uses a lot of pieces
-Takes a long time to load if you don't have experience (loading gets faster with practice)
-Rather large

More Instructables by me.

Images 1-2: Loaded with additions.
Image 3: Loaded without additions.

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Step 1: Barrel: Step 1

Picture of Barrel: Step 1
Images 1-3: Make 14 of each piece.
Images 4-7: Place the parts on gray rods as shown until you get image 8.

Step 2: Barrel: Step 2

Picture of Barrel: Step 2
Using the same technique make the part shown in image 1but instead of using parts like in image 2 use parts like in image 3.

Step 3: Barrel: Step 3

Picture of Barrel: Step 3
Image 1: Make 2.
Image 2: Make 3.
Image 3: Add blue rod.
Image 4: Add three of the parts shown in image 2.
Image 5: Add the last part.

Step 4: Barrel: Step 4

Picture of Barrel: Step 4
Image 1: Make 2.
Image 2: Make 3.
Image 3: Make 1.
Image 4: Add a blue rod.
Image 5: Add 3 of the earlier made parts.
Image 6: Add the other pieces.
Image 7: Place the earlier made part as shown.
Image 8: On the reverse side add a metallic blue clip as shown.

Step 5: Barrel: Putting the Barrel Together

Picture of Barrel: Putting the Barrel Together
Add the part made in Barrel: Step 4 to the part from Barrel: Step 2 as shown in Image 1. Then connect it to the part from Barrel: Step 3 as in Image 2 and then add the part from Barrel: Step 1 as shown in Image 3.

Step 6: Main Body: Part 1

Picture of Main Body: Part 1
Image 1: Make 1.
Image 2: Add white, blue, and yellow rods as shown.

Step 7: Main Body: Part 2

Picture of Main Body: Part 2
Images 1-2: Make 1 of each.
Image 3: Place as shown and add tan clip and rods.

Step 8: Main Body: Part 3

Picture of Main Body: Part 3
Images 1-4: Make 1 of each.
Image 5: Add the parts you've made and a green connector as shown.

Seleziona5 years ago
looks A LOT stronger (by saying that i mean that about the trigger system) than your last gun! will build when after me and my friends have the next war :)
Masterdude (author)  Seleziona5 years ago
And once you build it you can use it for the war after that.
~KGB~5 years ago
The Jamalam5 years ago
All your guns are basically the same. You should try something without the rbg mech, it's getting old.
Masterdude (author)  The Jamalam5 years ago
I'm going to post yet a couple of guns like this (Modded Uzi, maybe MP5, and maybe a P90 if my experiments go well). What would you like if I made?
Hmm. You should try modifying the RBG mech maybe, making it easier to load or faster. Have a go at that, it should be well recieved providing it works well and improves on the old design.
Masterdude (author)  The Jamalam5 years ago
"making it easier to load or faster"

By the faster in that sentence do you mean faster loading or faster shooting or something else?
Faster loading would be preferable.
Masterdude (author)  The Jamalam5 years ago
You can load it very fast once you practice a little. How do you think I could make loading faster?
Why don't you try something that captures the rubberbands at the end of the gun, brings them back as you fire and then puts it back on the snowflake for the trigger?
Maybe a removable mag too.
Masterdude (author)  The Jamalam5 years ago
Like the FreeSlinger?
Valkyrie1035 years ago
So what's the range on this thing?
Masterdude (author)  Valkyrie1035 years ago
I don't exactly know but it is stronger than my other guns and I'd probably guess over 50 feet at least with my rubber-bands which where not really good so with new and good rubber-band you could probably get a lot more.
Mr. Muggle5 years ago
looks a lot better than the previous version
Masterdude (author)  Mr. Muggle5 years ago
The MBAR isn't an original version of this gun with this being a upgraded version but it is based on the same bullpup system.
oh, ok, it's a good gun though
DJ Radio5 years ago
So all you do is make the barrel longer and add a bipod.  k.
Masterdude (author)  DJ Radio5 years ago
I also changed the ammo type, and made a improved trigger system.