Step 1: Popcorn Machine

For this furniture you need to do it at a corner. Do this as shown in the picture.

Step 2: Almost Finished

Place gold blocks in the holes.Next place glowstone at the corner.Then place trap doors on the glowstone.Finally place glass on top of the glowstone. FINISHED!

Step 3: Doghouse

Do as shown in the picture.

Step 4: Then Place Stairs

Step 5: Add Finishing Touches

Step 6: Fireplace

Do as shown in the picture.

Step 7: Place Blocks and Stairs

Step 8: Put Netherack


This is optional, you can place iron bars if u want.

Step 10: Hope U LIKE IT

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SHOUTOUT GOES TO: elisha7 for the idea of showing u guys how to make a fireplace.Next time one of you guys can get a shoutout.
aww thx
<p>I really like the fireplace! Do u give out shout outs? its A-Okay if its a no! 4 some reason I think pic 1 on step 10 is really cute and funny. =D</p>
<p>Nice small insctrutable! I too am going in to the minecraft insctrutable. I'm making some voltz ones too most likey.</p>
I hope I get 15 followers before April 1.

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