MC Office Furniture #1





Introduction: MC Office Furniture #1

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In this instructable I will show you how to make a desk in minecraft

Step 1: Desk Top

Place a half slab in the centre of a wall where you want the desk to be

Step 2: Computer

Place this painting above the half slab (May take a few tries to get this painting) and this will be the computer

Step 3: Desk Top

Place a black carpet on the slab and this is the keyboard

Step 4: Desk Top

Then place a half slab on either side of the first one and place a wooden stair in line with the first slab.

Step 5: Desk Top

Then place 2 half slabs going into the wall on both sides

Step 6: Lighting

Now place a torch next to the computer to give off some light

***please comment anything you want me to build***



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    love the way you make the laptop! i did it but when i placed the carpet the painting disappeared. :( oh well

    Could you build a printer and the bosses desk?


    I like the way you made the laptop!

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