MC Survival Tip #1





Introduction: MC Survival Tip #1

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In this tip I will show you how to sleep without a house or protection and still survive mob attacks.

Step 1: Block 1

Place a single block of your choice

Step 2: Block 2

Place another block of your choice next to it

Step 3: Block 3

Place a third block of your choice on top of your 2x1 stack

Step 4: Block 4

Place another block of your choice on top of block 2 to create a 2x2 vertical

Step 5: Block 5

Place a fifth block of your choice on top

Step 6: Block 6

Place a sixth block on top to create a vertical 3x2.

Step 7: Done

Place a bed on top of your 3x2 and you are now able to sleep without shelter or protection and survive mob attacks at night.

Blocks to create the 3x2 do not need to be the same material.




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    Sorry for spamming...?

    Spiders don't kill u if u r asleep and neither do skeletins

    Good tip, but what about spiders? And I guess skeletons could hit you too. When I played MC and it was first day without tools and blocks, I just dug a hole and then sealed it :)

    Spiders still will kill you... ;)

    They climb walls.

    Oh and I'm not trying to be rude it just gets a little old seeing stuff like this.

    I know, but b4

    Nice, but u cant sleep when monsters are around.