Hi this is my first Instructables.

I work in the R&D Department and we don't have a reflow machine here, so we get the LED Reflow done at our factory which is 25km away from the R&D, takes almost half day.

I and my colleagues came up with a plan to reflow the LEDs using clothes iron. And guess what it works perfect and saves a lot of time and fuel.

MCPCB is a Metal Core Printed Circuit Board, which has a Aluminum base, and the tracks are of 35um or 70um Copper and there is a thermal epoxy between the two metals. MCPCB are used in Medium and High power LEDs as it dissipates heat.

Step 1: Things required

These are the things that are required to do a reflow using clothes iron:

1. 1000W clothes iron with temperature control (without steam)
2. Philips Luxeon Rebel LEDs
3. MCPCB (Metal Core Printed Circuit Board)
4. IR Thermometer to check the temperature during reflow solder (optional)
5. Soldering lead
6. No clean liquid flux
7. Regulated Power Supply with current adjustment (to check the LEDs after reflow)
8. Tweezers - one to hold the MCPCB and the other to place the LEDs
9. IPA (Isopropyl alcohol)

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