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Introduction: MCPE Cars: Regular Car

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Step 1: Base

A 3X7 area of slabs.

Step 2: Back

1 block away from where you want the back of the car to be add stairs facing the front, then blocks afterword.

Step 3: Carpet

Add white carpet with a colored stripe through the middle, like in the picture.

Step 4: Windshield

Make a glass windshield.

Step 5: Inside

Break the middle of the windshield, then put a sign there and lower the slab.

Step 6: Wheels

Put the glass back in and cover it with carpet. Then add wheels like the picture(yes there's a third one in back, I'll give you three guesses as to where it is)

Step 7: Bumpers

Add signs around all of the bottom except for the wheels.

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thanks,i made it easily (sorry if there are bad english)

it so hard because stairs float on slabs

I made the car it doesn't work so I am sad.


How do you place a block or a staircase on a slab without making it float?