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Build a large 1x1 tower and add ladders on any side

Step 2:

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Make a platform at the top

Step 3:

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Add a block and some glass blocks in the area shown in the picture

Step 4:

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Create a long 1x1 platform that extends 8 blocks and add more glass blocks I the side as well as another block on the stone one then another for a step right next to the 2x1 stone

Step 5:

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At the end add some blocks on the glass

Step 6:

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Continue from these

Step 7:

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And one more section of blocks the hole should leave a one block space between it and re end of the stream

Step 8:

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Add glass on 3 sides of it going to the ground near the bottom put a sign on the glass and a platform for the lava that will be added later to flow so it won't mess up the design

Step 9:

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From the bottom add a water stream that goes 8 blocks forward with 2x1 walls on both sides as well as lava in the hole at the top of the stone platform near the glass

Step 10:

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Add stone walls to both sides and place trapdoors on both the upper and lower block on the wall this prevents chicken from escaping

Step 11:

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This is where the lava should be placed

Step 12:

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Now climb to the top of the ladder and throw eggs into the stream when a chicken hatches it will flow down the stream and burn in the lava on the fall then drop cooked meat into the lower stream which can be gathered at the trapdoors (the cooker works best when large numbers of chicken are in it) the success rate for this is about 60percent making it one of the most efficient ones that can be built in MCPE this is my original design which combines multiple parts of other designs


Legend1919 (author)2013-08-09

Sorry about that I mean you are supposed to put a lava block in the hole shown in step 7 an a stream is added in the open direction

wseay1 (author)2013-08-09

For step 9 I'm confused

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