This is a Skylanders inspired climbing wall, in Minecraft PE!

Step 1: Build

Step 2: Build

Step 3: Build

Step 4: Build

Step 5: Build

Sorry, you also need to make another row of gold on top.

Step 6: Build

Step 7: Build

Step 8: Add

Step 9: Add

Step 10: Add

Step 11: Add

There is a ladder on the left side of the top diamond block.

Step 12: Add

Step 13: All Done!

Thanks, and don't forget to favorite this and comment this. Addoweird out, peace!
<p>Nice idea, but use some sort of trigger towards the top that makes lava come out and you would have to try and dodge it!</p>
<p>Nice! Love the idea! but add more words next time.</p>
<p>be more descriptive but cool wall dude</p>
Good job but be more descriptive
They r emoticons :D
Cool!!!!!! :-D &bull;__&bull; ^&bull;&gt;&lt;&bull;^
What he who ha hey did u say?!
I love this
use sticky pistons to make the ledges move in and out and that will make it extreme.
I know, but it was in PE, so no pistons. That is a good idea, and i have made a parkour area in PC with that mechanism

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