MCPE Flint Generator!


Introduction: MCPE Flint Generator!

How to make a Flint Generator , really easy..

Step 1: Things You Need..

2.Flat Area

Step 2: Digging Down..

Dig down a Block , make it as big or small as you want..

Step 3: Adding Gravel..

Fill the Area With Gravel completely , Leave it for a Minecraft Day (10 Mins. Approx.)

Step 4: Getting Flint

Simply get a Shovel and Dig the Gravel ( You can use any other tool but Shovel easily digs it and Gives 3x More than other tools) , Voilla , Flint in your hands! Bur things or Arrow Monsters , your choice.

Step 5: Tips..

Get a Friend , He can be a Big Help..
Try to build it near water..
Thanks for Watching..



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    Man , its like the Mine Garden.Until Mine Resistant vehiclea are not Unlocked , till then I wont go Online anymore Haha

    I dont meant your traps are bad , They are awesome but a problem is now Bed trap is on , Now your trap , Think I go to sleep and when I wake I burn to dirt , And your trap : You can make ppl aware about De Forestation

    oh, and how you said traps in minecraft were bad that I was making, check out volts traps (spoiler, if u step on a pressure plate, u can set off a nuke. . .)

    And yeah , if you do it just 3 blocks away from water , the income will be doubled but , it will take some time..

    Thanks for the tip.. Please tell me any idea.. Im sure I will be able to make it..

    I have found what works best is making a tall single wide tower with you on top, then destroy it, you usually get around 1 flint for about every 7 or so gravel.