MCPE Helicopter





Introduction: MCPE Helicopter

In this Instructable, I will teach you how to make a helicopter in MCPE. It's a good model for an adventure map (in PC) or just to show off your Minecraft skills.

Step 1: Chose the World

Step 2: Get Materials

All that is in my inventory is what you need. You can use any block that has a block form, a slab form, and a stair form instead of cobblestone, or use cobblestone. Also, you will need glowstone.

Step 3: Build a Tower 1 Block Up, 5 Blocks Tall, and Cover the Front With Ladders

Step 4: Surround the Top With Slabs As Shown

Step 5: Go Back 2 Slabs and Forward 3 Slabs

Step 6: Surround Slabs With Stairs As Shown

Step 7: Place Blocks As Shown

Step 8: Place Stairs Around Edge and Slabs Inside Them

Step 9: Place Columns 2 and 3 Blocks Tall and Surround Bottom With Stairs

Step 10: Place Nether Reactor Cores on the Tops and Surround Them With Stairs As Shown

Step 11: Place Slabs on Stairs 2 Out

Step 12: Make the L Shape As Shown

Step 13: Make a + With Nether Cores

Step 14: Place Stair 1 Block From Front on Inside

Step 15: Place Upside Down Stairs Under the Body As Shown

Step 16: Place Front Facing Stairs on the Upside Down Ones

Step 17: Place Cobblestone Under All Stairs

Step 18: Place Slabs Connecting to the Cobblestone As Shown

Step 19: Make This Shape With Cobblestone at the Front

Step 20: Place Glowstone on Front

Step 21: Your Done!

The pictures show the helicopter from different angles (That's my sister in the last one :D)



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    what can i use instead of the netherreaactorcore? (sad that minecraft removed the netherreacrorcorebuilding)

    i th1nk 4 bl0ck 0f g0ld

    No, but I do play Clash of Clans, DragonVale, Pocket Frogs, Tiny Death Star, and Jurassic Park Builder

    Cool, but if the helicopter has two rotors it doesn't need a tail rotor.

    OK, but it looks cooler with them both.

    Well everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

    Cool how long did it take

    Not that long, be on the lookout for more minecraft pe things!