MCPE Infinite Water


Introduction: MCPE Infinite Water

Step 1: Wall

Make a 5x3 wall

Step 2: Base

Add 3 blocks to the bottom 3

Step 3: More Blocks

Add some more on the block diagonally 1 up and out for both sides

Step 4: More Blocks

Add some more on the edges of the 3

Step 5: Removal

Remove the bottom 2 and add one in the center then a slab on the one in the center

Step 6: Water

Fill water in both sides of the hole not in the middle though

Step 7: Add a Roof

Add a roof

Step 8:

If done correctly the center water block should be regenerative

Step 9:

Just use a bucket on the visible water and it will regenerate



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    any 2 blocks of water across from each other will regenerate the center. all you need is a 3x1 trough built and a bucket