Introduction: MDF Block Decorative Letter

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choose one drawing to this case i searched in "google images" a typografic model that i liked

You need:

1 - hand jig Saw machine
2 - mdf 24mm +-
3 - pencil, rules, set-squares
4 - a drawing to copy
4 - wood sandpapers

Step 1: Transfer to MDF

Picture of Transfer to MDF

i do draw in freehand, with aid of some guide lines (if you not have a printer and have a good hand)..
I had many adjustments, but it is the final.

Step 2: Get the Jig Saw!

Picture of Get the Jig Saw!

Get your favorite jig Saw. Choose a saw for wood with a line length because it aid to make small radius curves

Step 3: Cut Around

Picture of Cut Around

but without close the drawing

Step 4: Stop, Make a Hole

Picture of Stop, Make a Hole

i m not had a driller yet..then i make a hole usinga old drill

Step 5: Return a Cut the Outerline

Picture of Return a Cut the Outerline

well, complete a cut...and drop the letter to MDF plate

Step 6: Finishing

Picture of Finishing

Use a sandpapers to remove shavings and hit the curves of nom perfect cut (the saw tha i used has a large length)


tomatoskins (author)2015-12-15

That's a great looking a! Any plans for making others?

but i stay with a huge laziness now...later i will publish too. Have more geometric drawing, compass etc

yes...i make a L , with slab serif style for my girlfriend, Ludmila.

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