Introduction: MDF Cristhmas Tree

This is the way i built a Cristhmas Tree for my wife aunt.

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Step 1: Make the Triangles and Cut Them to Size

Picture of Make the Triangles  and  Cut Them to Size

Make 3 diferent size triangles and cut them the size that you like to make a tree like shape!!!

Step 2: Make a Star for the Top

Picture of Make a Star for the Top

Draw a star or download a template for it . I asked the wife she makes an awsome stars !!!

Step 3: Space for the Support

Picture of Space for the Support

Make sure you leave a space on the bottom for the support you dont wanna get lights on the support space.

Step 4: Holes for the Lights

Picture of Holes for the Lights

Drill enough holes for the lights that you have.

Make sure you dont do holes where the pieces are going to be Glued .

Step 5: Glue

Picture of Glue

After the holes are done and counter sunk. Glues the 3 triangles and the Start let it dry overnight.

Step 6: Paint

Picture of Paint

I painted with a white primary ! after dry painted gold !

Step 7: Base

Picture of Base

Make a base for the Tree and with a sligh angle (ex:10º) so the tree leans a bit back

Step 8: Lights

Picture of Lights

Now put the lights in the holes,

Hot glue any that might come loose !

Test the lights to see if the work before glue them

Step 9: Ornements

Picture of Ornements

Add some hoocks then attatch the ornemnts and you are done

Enjoy And Marry Marry Christmas


EcoExpatMike (author)2016-11-29

notice the plywood tree in the background. Around 3 years ago

Yeaah loocks awsome also :D

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