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Introduction: MDF Tool Wall-Mount

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Hello everyone, Since this is my first instructable, I am really excited. I hope you guys like it and,
if there´s any thing I can explain or do better, please tell me.

The story of this instructable is that me and my wife live in a 100m² apartment in São Paulo and, the first time we traveled, we bought new luggage, so to store them, my wife told, you have to put your tools into a smaller place. I did it at first, but whenever I needed them... I had to figure out where they were.

The Materials

MDF pieces - You can buy as you need, I simply but twice the need so I had backups =). I bought 15mm thick

1 piece of 64cm x 59cm MDF for the panel As many pieces as you need of 10cm x 15cm MDF board for the shelves

Screws - In Brazil these screws are called Girofix / Minifix. I chose to use these ones because I want it to be somehow flexible - I know I wont be prettier if decide to change... but I work with IT.. can't help =)

You´re gonna need 2 screws per shelf. I also used some drywall screws and sleeves.

Tools - Screw Driver (in my case I used PZ2 and PZ1 bits) - Drilling machine - 10mm, 8mm, 5mm and 3mm drills - 15mm mill - Wood Holders - Pencil - Ruler - Paintbrush - Utility Knife

Step 1: The Panel

In the first step I prepared the place I was going to put my tools. I had a place below my desk in my office, so I decided to use it. I know the panel should be handy, but the idea here is just to
store and make them visible. To make sure everything was going to fit, I made a hole with a 3mm drill in the board and continued after it reached the wall, then I removed the board and drilled the drywall with the 10mm drill.

I also drilled the board 10mm with a 5mm drill so I could hide the holes.

Step 2: Common Shelves Procedures

Well, now it's time to use the Girofixes. For this step you're gonna follow the girofix instruction (pic 1).

So you're going to need the 15mm mill, 10mm and 3 mm drills and some clamps. Since my shelves have 15cm each, I decided to drill each drill 5cm far from the other. Since you're using MDF it's important to drill the hole entirely with a 3mm drill before doing the big hole or the piece will crack.

Step 3: Customizing Shelves for the Tools

Well, we all have different tools, I decided which ones were most important for me. It's clear that I don't have all that skill with wood work and I also don't have all the tools needed. But you can see some examples of customizations I did. Everything I used were my brave screwdriver, some drills, clamps and a lot of will =).

Just make sure you won't make a hole where the girofix are and you will be fine.

Step 4: Putting All Together

Well, this step is nasty. First I tried to make all the holes for the girofix before fixing the panel.. guess what, my skill made everything misaligned. Got a new panel and this time (as shown in the first step) I fixed it before and used a leveler. I had a lot of backaches... but I finally set it all up

Well folks I hope you like this instructable. Any doubts please, feel free to contact me!




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    I replaced my shadow board with similar cabinets, they are great.

    But then, I realised that I had the inside and the outside of the doors that could be turned into storage as well, so I used them as shadow boards. So, I replaced one shadow board with a cabinet PLUS two shadow boards. For the first time in my life, I have excess storage in my workshop :-)

    1 reply

    Fantastic!!!! Can you share some pictures???? As you can see there are some tools on the floor and may be I can use your ideia, if you don't mind, of course

    Awesome workspace! The white MDF really makes the tools pop out!

    It would be really cool if you would share more close-up pictures, It makes the Instructable a lot better :)

    1 reply

    I´ll try to take some more pictures this weekend!! But thanks for your advice!!

    Very good instructable for your first one! It seems like a lot of people are downsizing lately and have to make good use of all space. Thanks for your good ideas!

    1 reply

    Thank you!!! Space really matters when you live in apartments... That´s the future for big cities like São Paulo 22M people have to live somewhere...

    Thanks!!!! Really glad you like it