MDF Workbench





Introduction: MDF Workbench

Build a workbench for a hobby room or workshop.

Step 1: MDF

Cut 2ft width pieces of MDF.

Step 2: Top Frame

Build a frame for the tabletop.

Step 3: Shelf Frame

Build a second frame to support a lower shelf.

Step 4: Legs

Attach legs to the top frame. The legs in the back extend higher for storage.

Step 5: Support Shelf

Attach support shelf frame.

Step 6: Cross Beam

Attach another beam to support the MDF top.

Step 7: Foot Pads

Staple faux leather to the feet to prevent scratching the floor with movement.

Step 8: Shelf

Attach the OSB lower shelf.

Step 9: Shelves

Build shelves into the frame.

Step 10: Peg Board

Attach peg board.

Step 11: More Shelf

Build more shelves using the same principles.

Step 12: Sizing MDF

Mix 50/50 solution of wood glue and water. Brush on the edges of the MDF to seal. You can apply multiple coats sanding with 220 grit between if desired.

Step 13: Shellac

Put a coat of shellac on the MDF top. It evaporates quickly helping to pre-seal the top, readying it for Polyurethane.

Step 14: Polyurethane

Coat with polyurethane. The first coat will be partially soaked up by the MDF. Sand and apply a second coat.

Step 15: Glossy Sealed Tops

Tops are sealed.



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    Pardon my stupidity, but WTF is MDF?

    No stupidity in asking. MDF is a good material for many purposes including carving. It's like a compressed cardboard. Head to your hardware shop to check it out. HomeDepot has it in full 4x8 sheets and smaller pieces too. two draw backs: its heavy as fugdebars and when you cut it, it creates a superfine dust that just suspends in the air and gets into everything. ive breathed in so much of that stuff i cough up miniature coffee tables.

    Then you should wear a mask!!!

    Not the best example to set. :-(

    Indeed. I used to work more with MDF and just took the dust as part of the job. Very different now. I work more like a safety nerd. Ears, eyes and nose!

    Thank you much. I'll make sure to have my son give me a hand with handling. I think if I cut it outdoors that should help with the dust problem. I just need a simple bench with out extensions or corner pieces, so I won't have to worry about coughing up mini furniture. ;)

    That dust really does get everywhere! It can be nasty stuff though, so I'd recommend anyone working with it to consider wearing a dust mask :)

    I'll keep that in mind when making my own. I'll probably do my cutting outside.

    Medium density fiberboard. A better grade of particle board really. When you look at it, the particles are smaller than regular particle board. You can also buy it precovered with a laminate product, usually white or wood grain.

    Thank you. I can see why it was used. I am in need of a work bench myself. :)