Its a instructables to measure the angle of inclination in X,Y and Z axis.
Here i use MPU6050 gyroscope for measurement.

Step 1: Modules

1. Arduino

2. MPU6050 gyroscope

3. Some connecting wires

Step 2: Working of Accelerometer

Step 3: Working of Gyroscope

Step 4: Circuit

vcc -- +5v

Gnd-- Gnd

SCL-- A5


Step 5: Program

thank you very much

Hey There,<br>it is such a nice task to work on,,and i enjoyed it.<br>i am having this issue that when i work with arduino uno everything works perfectly but as i switch from uno to mega it gives me a constant value for every direction..
<p>Ben Yaptım </p>
<p>error compiling sketch</p><p>:(</p>
<p>give me your email address, i will send you the original file</p>

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