Step 2: Cut

Picture of Cut
Cut a single line into the ring,  keep it in the vice as is.

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Step 3: Bend it

Picture of Bend it
using the other piece of the pipe, a hammer and a clamp bend the hinge to the shape of the pipe

Step 4: Welding time

Picture of Welding time
Tac Weld in the holes. 

Step 6: Add A Latch

Picture of Add A Latch
Time to tac weld the latch onto the shackle the same way we did the hinge. 

add ball

a ball and chain

give it to your ball and chain

whatever you'd like

and little pad locks and your set

Step 7: .....

Picture of .....
photo-2013-10-24 3:34 PM.jpg
photo-2014-10-19, 3:13 PM.jpg
The big pair I made years and years ago. They are not with us anymore.

Step 8: Make Something

Picture of Make Something
photo-2013-10-24 3:34 PM.jpg
photo-2014-10-19, 3:13 PM.jpg
I used three shackles to replace the little poles that keep my light shade on. To do this I had to weld little hooks on the opposite side of the shackle then the chain. Then connecting through shade. Turn on the lights and you have medieval shackle chandelier .