Hi everyone! This is a pistol that i have had for over 3 weeks. I wanted to keep this gun as simple as possible. This is a remake of the original one, i made the original about two months ago... but i thought it wasn't good enough to be posted, and i was to lazy to take pictures.

I like this gun mainly for its power and sturdiness. This gun gets about 20-45 feet depending on the rubberbands and is 5 layers thick, making it really sturdy

This gun could get alot more power if the trigger was farther back. I don't want to do it because i want to keep this gun simple.

True Trigger
Short Pull back
Jam free mag
Range is 20-45 Feet
Cool looks

Short pull back (Decreases Power)
Uses tape

Anyone who can guess what the name stands for gets a Waffle!

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Step 1: Frame

Pic 1: Build this
Pic 2: Make its clone

Step 2: Trigger

Pic 1: Make this
Pic 2: Add this
Pic 3: Add this
Pic 4: Make this piece

(Make sure you have an extra blue rod at hand)

Step 3: Inner Body

Pic 1: Make this
Pic 2: Make this
Pic 3: Make this
Pic 4: Make this
Pic 5: Make this
Pic 6: Slide this on
Pic 7: Slide this on
Pic 8: Slide this on
Pic 9: Attach the other side on

Step 4: Mag

Pic 1: Make this
Pic 2: Make its clone
Pic 3: Make this
Pic 4: Make another without the Y clips
Pic 5: Attatch like this on one side
Pic 6: Attatch the other panel
Pic 7&8: Attach the other piece

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Pic 1&2: Attach the mag to the inner body
Pic 3 Attach one side of the Gun (Don't forget about that blue rod)
Pic 4: Put this thing here
Pic 5: Attach the Trigger
Pic 6: Attach the handle (If not done already)
Pic 7: Attach the other side of the body

Step 6: Other Things

Pic 1&2: Build the ram
Pic 3: Wrap it in tape
Pic 4: Build the Mag pusher
Pic 5: Put the ram in as Shown

Step 7: Rubberbands

Pic 1: You need 1 #64 and a smaller band
Pic 2: Attach #64 like this
Pic 3: Attach othe Rubberband like this

Step 8: Loading and Firing

Pic 1: This gun shoots these
Pic 2: Load as shown
Pic 3&4: Put Pusher in and put a rubberband on it

Step 9: Your Done!

Congradulations! you are done! I would be happy to answer any Questions! Thanks for building!
and why the tape? is there any reason for it or ....what??
the tape is for that the ram won't break <br>
waffles....such a good food....plus pie. pie good also good gun. 4.5*
MES MEGA EPIC SIDEARM!!!!!!!! do I get a waffle!!!!!!!!!!!!
where does the mag pusher go?
Oh i wonder?
WOW. I was such a noob back then. 1 year ago. This was the first knex gun I made.
in the mag <br>
&nbsp;in the mag...............
it onlu goes 15- 20 feet <br>
I just built this gun. and i also did a mod. i put a N.A.R stock on it.
deos name stand for messy?
Well done mate :) 5*! Ive made your pistol and my intervention Its An ARMY!
mesa want waffle badly
Sorry buddy, I already gave it out. Have a holographic one instead:
woo hoo<br />
you replied 1 year late
&nbsp;mod :) -&nbsp;
how many blue spacers r there?<br />
Two on each.
hi<br /> <br /> im new to instructables,<br /> <br /> im gonna make dis 2moro<br /> <br /> looks pretty nice<br /> <br /> iv made knexfreek's desperado<br /> thts kwl<br />
&nbsp;A waffle?! thats awesome!!!!!! &nbsp;:D
it is false bolt action
how do you mean ' false bolt action ' ? can you explain why? im confused right now and if that isnt bolt action then what is? thanks :) <br />
how do you mean ' false bolt action ' ? can you explain why? im confused right now and if that isnt bolt action then what is? thanks :) <br />
&nbsp;Nice gun man thnx!
I like this gun a lot! I even loosely based the design of my L.A.P on this!<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/16-round-battle-pistol-The-LAP/">https://www.instructables.com/id/16-round-battle-pistol-The-LAP/</a><br/>
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ok srry
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hey DGM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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