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Here's the anticipated MG36 LMG. This gun takes a fair amount of pieces but most knexers could slime it out. I have redone the stock and it is now more full and sturdy. This is the LMG variant of the G36c. Here's some more info.

"The MG36 was a German made light machine gun manufactured by Heckler und Koch. It was proposed as a squad automatic variant of the H&K G36, however it was abandoned after the Bundeswehr withdrew interest in the project. It typically has a bipod, a scope, a double-drum magazine and a long hand guard."- Gun Wiki

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Let me know if you build so I can add pics to the intro.

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Step 2: Handle and Trigger


Step 4: Stock

Picture of Stock

Step 5: Mag

Picture of Mag
Does it have a firing pin? If yes, then what is it? Please respond.
CODawesome2 years ago
nice work brah, i might build one too, i wont copy yours.
the vengeful aug (author)  CODawesome2 years ago
Thank you.
Nice i rated it 5, but a question i have is that does it actually fire?
Cool, is it a true automatic?
ok, i was just wondering.
chopstx2 years ago
Looks pretty good, very accurate looks.
the vengeful aug (author)  chopstx2 years ago
Thank you man. I worked on it a while.
Why dont you make sights that work?
To tell the truth maybe I will.
ok cool.