Step 2: Assembly

Follow the instructions and images:

Image 1: Add blue and white rods to Parts A & B.
Image 2: Add Parts C, F, & K and white rods.
Image 3: Add Parts D, E, F, G, H, I, & J, and blue spacers and gray connectors.
Image 4: Add Parts C, F, & K.
Image 5: Add Parts A & B, and a tan clip.
Image 6: On reverse side add a metallic blue clip and gray connector.
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MewJadz3 years ago
Way too freaking complicated, can't even see it clearly.
Masterdude (author)  MewJadz3 years ago
Well, in essence, the mech is only 3 main components, the trigger, the firing pin stopper thing, and a part connecting the 2. While it may seem complex, it really isn't as complex as many popular K'nex guns, and it works well for a "freaking complicated" gun.