Step 6: Adding The Laser and Power Source

Picture of Adding The Laser and Power Source
  What good is a gun without a laser sight on it? Even better, what good is a gun without a laser that can see through walls! look no further than this weapon. With the flick of a switch the laser comes on and makes walls invisible! How is this done?

  The box on top of the gun houses yet more nuclear cores in the form of AA's and a small circuit to enable it to see through walls! its inside components are still in testing and considered government top secret... so moving on. 

 The laser is attached at the front of the gun and wired to the box. There is a small black switch on the side of the barrel that turns the laser on and off and it also turns the fire switch backlight on and off too. The switch was harvested off of a burnt power supply and can handle the load the nuclear cores output, so its perfect.

  After all the wires are run and everything is secured, use heat shrink wrap to secure and waterproof the wiring to the gun and to mainly make it all one color... The gun is now done and ready, now to complete the system by making a box for the memory eraser circuit.
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