Picture of MICROMOTO mini foldable portable motorcycle
This is my Micromoto that I made in 1998. It can be folded. Hope you will like it.
Steering doesn't seem very probable. Completely wrong angles. Just tilting the front wheel at that angle would not give much steerage. I agree it does seem more like an ad for an idea.
nbagf2 years ago
This is really cool but at the moment it seems more like an ad than an 'ible also is there any way to buy / make / or at least see a real video of it?
Kiteman2 years ago
Wow - how about a video of it on the go?
blkhawk Kiteman2 years ago
He seems to be an artist that work on paper but his personal website does not show any mechanical ability. Either this is a joke or a naive way to fool us.